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6:46 AM 07/01/2018

DV-2020 American diversity visa lottery program is expected to be held in this year 2018. The online conducted program is a genuine one that is implemented and operated by the American Government. This is to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. So every year 50,000 immigrant visas will be available under this computer name selection draw. The draw is operated according to the regulations of the US Senate House.


Participants must have been born in an eligible country.
Or can can claim their eligibility if they meet the DV lottery Instructions.
Secondly, they must have the required High School Education Certificate, after studying the Juniorand High School for 12 years. Or the winner must have the required work experience.
The winner will be requested to provide a petitioner's support through the I-134 Form.

Entrance Fee.

There is no fee is charged by the US Government from the participants.
But if selected as a winner you will need to pay a non refundable visa processing fee of US$330.

Eligible country born people only can submit their entries through the online application form. The application forms will be available in the official American Government's diversity visa program website. An eligible applicant can submit only one entry in this draw with his/her name as primary applicant.

Each participant must include one American digital visa photo along with their entry.
Married person must include spouse and all the unmarried children who are under the age of 21 along with their digital American visa photo file.

After the submission all the successful entrants will be given with a confirmation number. This will act as like a password to check the online selection results through the official website.
Postal mail or the email will not be used to announce the winners.

if selected under the program, visas will not be given to the winners. Instead they will be allowed to apply for the immigrant visas through the normal processing. Each winner and her/his dependant too must pay the visa processing fees of US$ 330 to the US Embassy on their date of visa interview. No visas then the fees too will not be returned to the applicant.

The winners will have to go through tough back ground check before they are allowed in to the USA through the diversity visa program. If provided with the visas they must pay another visa processing of US$165, for the USCIS office through their online facility.

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Source: Travel.State.Gov